Book Two: More Than Possibilities

On the surface, the calm has come after the storm. The war is over. The Invaders have been banished. The epidemics are burning themselves out like embers scattered upon a hearth. In some versions of reality the majority of Rajalans and their worlds have survived, if just barely. And now it’s time to rebuild.

In one such reality, on a Linguin devastated by epidemic disease and anarchy, Swenna Dajomm is directing the reconstruction effort. Her task is daunting. The entire Urban Core is in ashes. The only governing being done in the streets is being done by the street gangs, which are still exterminating non gang member survivors they find on their turf.

But Swenna has the wealth of the most powerful commercial organization in the system behind her. She has an alien visitor with unique powers to advise her. And she has her hand picked right hand man to support and assist her. In spite of how bleak the situation appears, Swenna is inspiring hope for a better tomorrow.

But the calm in the system is only surface deep. Beneath it, a new Rajalan crisis is simmering toward a boil. Old enmities set aside during the Invader crisis were not forgotten. And now that the Flachjik are no longer around to brutally enforce the domestic peace the top commercial organizations are free to go at it no holds barred with one another for control of the Rajalan economy, and to settle old scores. Once the hostilities break out in earnest not one sentient being will be safe anywhere in the system.

When in this climate Swenna is taken into custody by Systemwide Marshals on trumped up charges left over from the war years it looks like nothing more than a bit of political chicanery intended to settle an old score with the organization she works for. But when she disappears without a trace from Systemwide custody it becomes apparent something much more sinister is behind it all. And as time goes by without word of her, and as the personal and political intrigue grows, the three men most desperate to find Swenna fear they may never see her again this side of the thin membrane separating possibility from Oblivion.