Book Three: Exigent Possibilities

Swenna Dajomm has been missing for deciyears from her job as director of a major commercial organization’s project to rebuild a Linguin devastated by epidemic and anarchy. In her absence her right hand man, Jenken Mizlek, has been faithfully carrying on her work, even as he has undertaken a desperate private search for Swenna.

Street gangs control virtually all of Linguin’s Urban Core. To keep the restoration project on track Jenken is going to have to find a way to enlist their cooperation. But few of the gangs are about to go along with Jenken’s program. The leaders of one gang, the Purple Hill Cats, have their own plans for the Urban Core in direct opposition to Jenken’s plans to restore order to it. When they undertake a campaign against one of the few remaining outposts of government in the Core Jenken knows he’s going to have to take them on. The gang knows it too. They put out a contract on Jenken’s life.

But the gang problems on Linguin aren’t Jenken’s only worry. Jenken’s alien advisor is reporting that the Invaders have reappeared in alternate actualities. The commercial opposition is about to launch an all out campaign to destroy the organization Jenken works for. And scientists at a secret space station are still playing with alien technology the likes of which nearly irradiated the galaxy during the war.

The system is in deep trouble again. It’s never needed Swenna, with her brilliant problem solving mind, more than it needs her now. But what ordeal is Swenna going through? And how badly is it affecting her ability to think clearly? And just how much is it fair to ask of one young woman to save her fellow sentient beings from themselves?