Book 6: Between Possibility and Oblivion

Swenna Dajomm is a promising medical research student when epidemic diseases gain a foothold on the world upon which she’s studying. Under a worldwide declaration of emergency she’s mobilized to help track their spread. It’s a gruesome job. As a medical canvasser in hard struck neighborhoods she encounters sick, starving, infants at their dead parents’ sides, pet owners who succumbed to disease and then were eaten by their starving housebound pets, victims of growing gang violence burnt to death with flamethrowers. So when she’s reassigned to do health screening at an art fair on a part of the world as yet unaffected by the epidemics it comes as a wonderful respite.

But for Swenna the reassignment is the beginning of a dangerous journey of self discovery to a new life. It starts with the reason for the reassignment. Her father and mother are both exhibitors at the fair: her father who disowned Swenna when she was an adolescent, the mother who took Swenna’s sister and abandoned Swenna when Swenna was just a girl. And though her mother isn’t present at the fair to exhibit her own work, Swenna finds herself getting emotionally involved again with her dysfunctional family.

As if this isn’t enough for Swenna to deal with, she soon finds herself besieged by the reporters covering the fair for the celebrity driven publications. They’re drawn to her because of her beauty and her famous artist parents. And they notice how much she looks like a socialite linked to the rich and famous who generates popular stories for their publications. The publicity they create around her causes Swenna to become the target of a knife wielding kidnapper. It also leads to the offer of a not too clearly defined job from a major commercial organization. To avoid being sent back to canvassing duty Swenna accepts the job offer only to discover that it has landed her in the dangerous galaxy of commercial espionage and intrigue.

But her journey has only begun. And along the way Swenna will attract three devoted friends. One is Jenken Mizlek, a kid who shows surprising courage in Swenna’s defense. Jenken knows Swenna’s father and some of Swenna’s mother’s crazy friends. He becomes her connection to her estranged family. The second is Kalem Rommen, the hunk of a man who recruited her for her undefined job with his employer and is lavishly expending his political credit to help her define it in her favor. The third is Jakla Bratef, an older woman with a mysterious past, a successful attorney who knows her way around the territory Swenna is entering. Jakla teaches Swenna the dangers of her new life and how to survive them.

From the anarchy of a city overcome by disease to an encounter with a deadly serpent in the jungles of the mother world, from a luxury space yacht to a space station overrun by refugees, from a bitter sibling rivalry to a complicated romance to the secret regrets of old lovers, from a moon under attack by alien invaders to the cold of space where a pitched battle is being fought, from the medical research lab where critical discoveries are being made to an alternate reality where a traitor resides, for Swenna and her friends a crisis is building, somewhere between possibility and Oblivion.