When will the first book in the series be available for purchase?

It’s impossible to say just yet exactly when the books will come out. The target for the first book in the series, Where There Are Possibilities, is June of 2012. The book will be published in one or more of the following forms: traditional printed book, podcast, audio book, serialization, web publishing. Before the first copy is available the following will have to happen.

1. All the character and other names will have to be settled upon. There is no precedent for how long this will take.

2. The book will require a thorough professional edit to bring it up to top quality. This will take about five weeks, and lead, no doubt, to rewrites of some scenes, which will add, very roughly, another two or three weeks to the process.

3. The final manuscript will require a last proofreading.

4. And only then can any printing and distribution, and/or production, begin.

After the first book comes out the other books in the series should come out at nine to twelve month intervals.