What do I get for my money when I buy the rights to a name?

You get more than just the naming rights. A lot more, in fact.

1. Whether you choose to retain the author’s working name or you choose a new name for your subject you get the author’s thanks in the acknowledgments section of each book in the series in which the name you select appears.

2. Even if you could never write a novel on your own, when you name a character—or a place or an institution or a big business central to the plot—in the Possibilities series you play an important creative role in telling the story. Names are important, in real life and in stories. In stories they affect how the reader feels about a character or place. You’ll deserve the satisfaction for years to come of knowing  that the name you selected is helping to inspire the feelings of everyone who reads the Possibilities series.

3. You’ll get to exchange views with the author before the book is published. You’ll learn more about the author’s feelings about the character, place, alien race, etc. you name. (Usually this exchange will take place via email.) This special access to the author’s thoughts will put you much more in the know about your character, etc., and about the story, than most of your friends who are also reading the books.

4. Your purchase of naming rights is a sponsorship. With it you help make the independent publishing of an epic science fiction series commercially feasible. This will encourage new writers to write in the genre. Often nowadays a new writer simply can’t find a publisher who will give a neophyte a break in the business. If a new author knows it’s possible to make a reasonable living as a writer outside the traditional publishing model he or she will be freed to write the kind of epic speculative fiction you love: stories rich in detail, featuring an ensemble of well developed characters, stories set in times and places so verdant with imaginative possibilities all you have to do is open the book and read to be transported.

5. When you become a naming rights sponsor of the Possibilities series you become a part of history. You are helping to create a new paradigm for the publication of epic speculative fiction. To the best of the author’s knowledge, no one has ever financed the publishing of a novel by obtaining sponsors for the names in the story.

Please note that your purchase of limited naming rights in the Possibilities series does not constitute a purchase of any proprietary interest in the Possibilities series or any book in the series. See the page on this site entitled “Legal” for more information.