How do I use this site to find and learn about a character or non-character I may want to name?

Start with the character list, or with the list of non-character names if you would like to name something other than a character. There is a master list of all the names and there are lists of male and female characters in different age groups. If you would like your character you name to be a certain age and gender you can find a list with just older adult male characters, a list with just middle-aged female characters, a list including only youthful adult male characters, and so on. The names which aren’t character names are also divided up by category: planets and moons, academic institutions, foods and beverages, dances, musical instruments, games, and so on.

Each entry on the list includes a brief description of whomever or whatever the name belongs to. If a description interests you and you want to learn more, click on the name. A page will come up with more information whoever or whatever bears that name. If the name is a character name the page will be devoted to that specific character. It will list the books in the series he or she appears in. It will tell you how important a character he or she is. It will tell you whether he or she is the viewpoint character at any time in the series, whether he or she has a speaking part, whether he or she has a private scene with either the male protagonist or the female protagonist, and so on. The page will also include a sample scene from one of the books in the series, a scene in which the character appears or receives mention.

If the name in which you’re interested isn’t a character name, clicking on it will take you to a category page which has additional information about all the names in the category in which your name appears, including which books in the series the names appear in and other information about the names. There will also be sample scenes in which the names appear.

If you’d still like more information about a name after you’ve reviewed the character or category page, use the site word search feature to find the name you’re interested in wherever it appears on the site. It may appear in sample scenes not found on its own character or category page. It may appear in the first four chapters of Book One, Where There Are Possibilities. Those chapters appear in full in working draft form on this site.