Exactly what do I do to buy the right to name a character or other subject?

There are three options for purchasing naming rights sponsorships. 1. You may purchase the right to make permanent the working name the author chose for the character or non-character subject you wish to name. 2. You may purchase the right give your character or other subject a new name you and the author agree upon. 3. You may make an offer of a specific dollar amount to the author to give a character or other subject a new name which you specify in the offer.

Regardless of which of the above options you choose, Step number one is to find someone or something you want to name. There are plenty of subjects to choose from. By clicking on the “Character” button at the top of the page you will find  Look in the character a master character list with every single character, listed by his or her category designation-number and working name. (The working name is a temporary name the author used for the character when writing the story.) In addition to the master character list, there are also lists of the same characters broken down by age and gender to make it easy for you to find a middle-aged man, a young woman, and so on. And there are lists of other things you can name: places, organizations, governments, dances, musical instruments, sports and games, foods, plant and animal species, and so on. Each character or other subject on each of the lists is accompanied by a brief description of him, her, or it.

When a description interests you and you want to find out more: Click on the working name. You’ll find additional information, such as how important a character is, which books in the series the subject appears in and a sample scene in which the character or whatever appears. You’ll also find two prices on this page. They are the prices for options one and two above: the price for permanently naming the character or whatever its working name the author gave it and the price for giving the character, planet, moon, city, street, etc. a new name of your own choosing. Regardless of which option you choose, the author will thank you for your naming rights sponsorship and for the name you chose. His thanks will appear here on the series website and in the acknowledgment section of every book in which whoever or whatever you name appears.

To complete your naming rights sponsorship purchase: Note the three letter-four number designation associated with it (ie. CHA-0117). You will need this inventory number in order to complete your transaction. Next, contact the author at submissions@crichtonscifi to make payment arrangements.  (Please note that if you choose the option of giving your subject a new name you will be asked to put down an initial 30% non-refundable deposit and you will pay the remaining 70% once the author has approved the name you’ve chosen for your subject.)

For option three, making the author an offer: Select who or what you want to name. Decide what you want to name the character or thing of your choice. Decide the the U.S. dollar amount you are willing to offer for the rights to bestow that name upon your chosen character or thing. To submissions@crichtonscifi.com, send the three letter-four digit code for the name you have chosen along with the name you have chosen and your dollar amount you are willing to pay.  The author will contact you by return email if your offer is accepted. Once your offer is accepted you may complete your purchase with the vendor as described above.

Bear in mind that the author will rarely if ever accept an offer for less than the “keep the name” price listed for the character or other subject on the subject’s information page.

Please note that in purchasing limited naming rights you are not purchasing a proprietary interest in the book or the series.