Sports and Games

SPG-0001 bloodball
Bloodball is a hard hitting contact sport played on the scholastic and semi-professional levels.

SPG-0002 calcudraw
Calcudraw is a complex tile game for up to eight players in which tiles are drawn from a pool of face down tiles, held in a hand, and played either one at a time to connect to an existing chain of tiles or several at a time to start a new chain. Several figures of speech originate with calcudraw and other tile games.

SPG-0003 hexblat
Hexblat is a board game for two in which tiles are placed on squares to capture territory or to prevent one’s opponent from capturing territory. It is a popular game on isolated space stations.

SPG-0004 rebound
Rebound is a game played with a racquet and a ball on a small diamond shaped court bisected by a net and surrounded by four walls. It is popular in office gymnasiums, aboard ship, and in small habitats.

SPG-0005 wicketball
Wicketball is a major professional spectator sport. The equipment for the game includes balls, mallets, wickets, pads and face protectors. Several balls are in play at a time. The knee high and equally wide wickets are set up to form a figure eight shaped course. The object is to score points by capturing and defending wickets. Wickets are captured by striking balls through them. Wickets are defended by preventing balls from being struck through them by the opposing team.

SPG-0006 water flag chase
Water flag chase is a water game in which the object is to keep your own flag flying above the surface of the water and to submerge the flag of the opposing team. It can be played by almost any number of players and can be played with one flag per team or several.

SPG-0007 zodipus
Zodipus is a water game played with a disc and two goals, one at either end of the pool or designated playing area. The object is to score more goals than the other team. The disc is thrown across the surface of the water or passed hand to hand. It must be skipped off the surface to be advanced toward the opponent’s goal. It may be passed hand by hand above or through the water, or thrown through the air without touching the surface, when it is being moved laterally or away from the opponent’s goal.