Non-Sentient Speices

NSS-0001 dart tail
The dart tail is a species of bird which thrives on the Rajaformed sections of the first moon of the fourth planet. It has a cone shaped beak; green, white and black feathers and long tail feathers. The dart tail serves as a symbol in the dreams of the female protagonist at several points in the series.

NSS-0002 hinkbear
A hinkbear is a large, undomesticated, bear species known for its abundant malodorous excrement.

NSS-0003 Jomben green thorax
The Jomben green thorax is one of the few species native to the fourth moon of the fourth planet. Its venom becomes the subject of medical research in the series.

NSS-0004 marron serpent
The marron serpent is a deadly venomous serpent which kills its prey by causing it massive blood clotting. It would be extinct if it were not raised on serpent farms.

NSS-0005 musklit eater
The musklit eater is a creature of myth popular in folk tales, in which it is frequently ascribed magical qualities.

NSS-0006 sharbear
A sharbear is a small, semi-domestic, species of bear popular in zoos.

NSS-0007 snod bear
A snod bear is a medium sized, undomesticated, member of the bear family known for its slovenliness.