MIS-0001 Ancient Besselwoks
The Ancient Besselwok civilization flourished in the Western Hemisphere of the mother world many centuries before the age of space flight. It was one of the earliest known civilizations, particularly in the West, in which systematic scientific research was done.

MIS-0002 Chjeschjilbik Empire
The Chjeschjilbik Empire thrived on the main eastern continent of the mother world from the mid to late first millennium, traditional reckoning. It was an early center of trade and learning. It was the first civilization on the mother world known to mint coins. Its scholars did primitive scientific research and were interested in mathematics.

MIS-0003 Crossover Prime
Crossover Prime is an asteroid or planetoid which crosses the orbit of an inhabited planet. It offers an excellent if temporary platform from which alien visitors observe the inhabited planet.

MIS-0004 Crossover Prime’s sister crossover planet
One of at least two asteroids or planetoids which cross the orbit of a particular inhabited world, this body is identified by alien visitors as a possible site from which to observe that planet’s inhabitants secretly.

MIS-0005 Flibbin class cruiser
A Flibbin class cruiser is the largest class of space vessel not designed specifically and exclusively to carry cargo the Emperor allows his subject sentients to own. It is designed as a space exploration vessel. It can be fairly easily adapted for use as a light warship. Flibbin class cruisers are often deployed on key missions in the series.

MIS-0006 Inquiry Planet
The Inquiry Planet is inhabited by a sentient race with a severe population problem. The inhabitants are just beginning to explore its moons to potentially use them as population outlets. When aliens interfere with their plans, yet a third sentient race intervenes and holds an inquiry.

MIS-0007 Inquiry Planet moon 1
See the entry for Inquiry Planet above.

MIS-0008 Inquiry Planet moon 2
See the entry for Inquiry Planet above.

MIS-0009 Medinichjien
Medinichjien is the nearest galaxy to that in which the story takes place.

MIS-0010 Onieodon
Onieodon is an ancient classic epic poem in which a hero on an ocean voyage encounters many dangers, including a sea monster.

MIS-0011 Syndicate on Inquiry Planet
See the entry above (MIS-0005) for Inquiry Planet. The Syndicate has secret dealings with visiting aliens. The dealings may well lead to catastrophe.

MIS-0012 Wedgefruit
Wedgefruit grow on the upper branches of tall, stately trees which do well in urban areas and on Rajaformed worlds. Most consider the soft, fleshy, oblong, medium size fruit inedible.