DAN-0001 the Arachnid’s Dangling Bundle
The Arachnid’s Dangling Bundle is a pattern dance in which the dancers mimic in a stylized manner the struggles of an insect caught in an arachnid’s web and cocooned by the arachnid for later consumption.

DAN-0002 the Cheek and Jowl
The Cheek and Jowl is a slow dance in which partners dance hip to hip and jowl to jowl.

DAN-0003 the Reel
The reel is a lively pattern dance in which partners swing one another in wide circles and figure eights in coordination with other dancers.

DAN-0004 the Wastrel
The Wastrel is a freeform dance performed individually, or loosely with a partner.

DAN-0005 the Wheel
The Wheel is a stylized dance in which all the dancers arrange themselves in a wheel within wheel pattern, which they maintain throughout the dance.