ACA-0001 Bezek Group, The
The Bezek Group is a public-private scientific think tank. Its facilities are located on one of the outer asteroids. A project of great significance is being conducted there until the lead researcher on the project defects to a commercial organization with a chunk of her research.

ACA-0002 Duklemmik Institute
Duklemmik Institute is located in the eighty-six hundred sector of the outer asteroid belt. In is a private institution with informal links to a major commercial organization.

ACA-0003 Haddegaji Institute
Haddegaji Institute is the alma mater of the rich playboy son of the most powerful business magnate in the planetary system.

ACA-0004 Hawkwej Institute
Hawkwej Institute is known for its studies in symbolic logic. Its faculty has informal ties to a major commercial organization.

ACA-0005 Krakgalej Prize
The Krakgalej Prize is a prize for scientific achievement. It is awarded on an occasional basis. To say that someone is a Krakgalej Prize winner is to say that they have extraordinary intellectual talent.

ACA-0006 Linguin Global Research Hospital
Located in the Urban Core of the most populous moon in the planetary system, the Linguin Global Research Hospital is one of the finest teaching hospitals in the system. It is particularly known for turning out top flight medical researchers. It is also a working hospital. When rampant epidemics plunge the Urban Core into anarchy it becomes an enclave for government members trapped on world by the quarantining of the entire moon.

ACA-0007 Mowahhaklej Institute
Located on the capital world within a stone’s throw of the seat of Systemwide Government, Mowahhaklej Institute was founded to educate the children of the world’s first settlers. It specializes in physical science but offers a wide variety of studies. It has grown from humble beginnings into one of the most respected institutions in the system.