Chapter Titles

Listed below are all the working chapter titles for Where There Are Possibilities, Book One in the Possibilities series. For a sponsorship contribution of $40, you may choose the title, subject to the author’s approval, for a chapter as it will appear in the published version of the novel. You’ll see your title in print and receive thanks for it in the acknowledgements section of the work. You’ll have bragging rights for your title, and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped to make the publication of an epic science fiction novel series possible.

Here’s how to do it.  Go through the list of working titles below. When you find a title you think you can do better than, or a title you particularly like, send an email to the author at Give the number and working title of the chapter you think you may wish to give a title to. Ask to see the chapter. The author will send the current working draft of that chapter to you via return email. Read it and come up with a title for it you like. Email your title to the author at the address above. If the author likes it he’ll let you know. Keep trying till you find something you and the author both like. Only when the author approves your title do you send your sponsorship contribution to the author or his designated vendor.

You may choose a new title for the chapter or, if you like it, you may keep the author’s working title. Either way, you’ll get the full credit for the title in the acknowledgement section of the novel.

You may request only one chapter at a time from the author, and may request another only after you’ve submitted at least one title proposal to the author for the last you requested. You may receive no more than five chapters unless you sponsor at least one chapter title for each five you receive. And you should be aware that there may be others considering sponsoring a title at the same time you are. The first sponsorship offer acceptable to the author will be accepted.

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Chapter One:

The Marketplace

Chapter Two:


Chapter Three:

The Hot Spot

Chapter Four:

Missing Sentients

Chapter Five:

Moral Priorities and Hard Choices

Chapter Six:

Going Out Partying

Chapter Seven:

The Casualties of War

Chapter Eight:

A Gift in Parting

Chapter Nine:

In Search of A. Shwitri

Chapter Ten:


Chapter Eleven:


Chapter Twelve:


Chapter Thirteen:

Alternative Leads

Chapter Fourteen:


Chapter Fifteen:


Chapter Sixteen:

Ultimatum and Bribery

Chapter Seventeen:

Swenna’s Concession

Chapter Eighteen:

Swenna Gives an Impromptu Lecture

Chapter Nineteen:

It Smells Arjulan

Chapter Twenty:

That Ought to Get Across the Message

Chapter Twenty-One:

Epidemic, War, and the Rumor of Epidemic and War

Chapter Twenty-Two:

Even if She Keeps Us Waiting upon Her the Entire Night

Chapter Twenty-Three:

Bring Out the Dead

Chapter Twenty-Four:

In the Soup

Chapter Twenty-Five:

Beyond the Vision of its Creator

Chapter Twenty-Six:

Like an Arachnid in its Web

Chapter Twenty-Seven:

A Gift from the Fates

Chapter Twenty-Eight:

Side Effects

Chapter Twenty-Nine:

I’ll Take Your Odds

Chapter Thirty:

A Multidirectional Beacon in the Darkness

Chapter Thirty-One:

You Don’t Control Us

Chapter Thirty-Two:

Loose Ends

Chapter Thirty-Three:

Marching Orders

Chapter Thirty-Four:

Shnork the Systemwide Bureaucrats

Chapter Thirty-Five:

Crash Landing

Chapter Thirty-Six:

The Deal

Chapter Thirty-Seven:

A Danger to the Community

Chapter Thirty-Eight:

Refuge of Last Resort

Chapter Thirty-Nine:

They Refuse to Negotiate at All

Chapter Forty:


Chapter Forty-One:

Lucid On and Off

Chapter Forty-Two:

Provisions for Family

Chapter Forty-Three:

Straight to My Home Base

Chapter Forty-Four:

They’ll Cost Us Our Lives

Chapter Forty-Five:


Chapter Forty-Six:

Why Else Would They Possibly Take Her?

Chapter Forty-Seven:

Savages Beating Down the Walls

Chapter Forty-Eight:

We Old Folks Have to Keep the Worlds Turning

Chapter Forty-Nine:

They Made for a Door into the Enclave

Chapter Fifty:

Communicating Their Hostility to One Another

Chapter Fifty-One:

They Were Going to Get Their Way

Chapter Fifty-Two:

An Open Ended Offer

Chapter Fifty-Three:

Can We Expect to Recover This Vessel?

Chapter Fifty-Four:

The Emperor’s Plans

Chapter Fifty-Five:

That Sounds Too Good to Be True

Chapter Fifty-Six:

We’ll Set Up Hidey Holes

Chapter Fifty-Seven:

If Father Won’t Protect Her, I Will

Chapter Fifty-Eight:

Stand By

Chapter Fifty-Nine:

Final Destination

Chapter Sixty:

I Shall Seek the Wisdom of the Emperor

Chapter Sixty-One:

Matters of Morale

Chapter Sixty-Two:

Where the Emperor Wills, There Is a Way

Chapter Sixty-Three:


Chapter Sixty-Four:

A Member of Darden’s Entourage

Chapter Sixty-Five:

I Don’t Think Anyone Will Be Much Worried about Legal Questions

Chapter Sixty-Six:

A Supernova in My Lap

Chapter Sixty-Seven:

Strange Developments

Chapter Sixty-Eight:

It’s Hardly a Yacht at All

Chapter Sixty-Nine:

Life Depends Upon Your Machines

Chapter Seventy:

That and Time

Chapter Seventy-One:

Outrageous Demands

Chapter Seventy-Two:

Does the Ice Maiden Melt for You?

Chapter Seventy-Three:

The Consequences of Failure

Chapter Seventy-Four:

He Managed to Come Out of It Even, While Everyone Else in the System Lost.

Chapter Seventy-Five:

The Unscheduled Arrival

Chapter Seventy-Six:

Your Lives Could Depend on Your Alertness

Chapter Seventy-Seven:


Chapter Seventy-Eight:


Chapter Seventy-Nine:

The Time Travelers

Chapter Eighty:

The Secret Tunnel

Chapter Eighty-One:

Ask Me in Another Deciyear

Chapter Eighty-Two:

The Search is Mounted

Chapter Eighty-Three:

The Stalker

Chapter Eighty-Four:

First Contact Protocol

Chapter Eighty-Five:

Fates Watch Over Pure Innocents

Chapter Eighty-Six:

This Could Have Incalculable Consequences

Chapter Eighty-Seven:

But You’re Safe Now

Chapter Eighty-Eight:

Moral Imperatives

Chapter Eighty-Nine:

She Found Her Man

Chapter Ninety:

The Sorts Who Love to Debate Everything to Death

Chapter Ninety-One:

She Still Would Have Worried

Chapter Ninety-Two:

There Was No Way He Could Know for Sure

Chapter Ninety-Three:

“Keep Off”

Chapter Ninety-Four:

From a Position of Weakness

Chapter Ninety-Five:

Almost Everyone Danced

Chapter Ninety-Six:

What a Savage Lot

Chapter Ninety-Seven:

Sage Advice

Chapter Ninety-Eight:

Revolving Door

Chapter Ninety-Nine:

Stock in Trade

Chapter One Hundred:

The Only Viable Candidate

Chapter One Hundred One:

A Homecoming

Chapter One Hundred Two:

First Contact

Chapter One Hundred Three:

It Took You Long Enough to Get Here

Chapter One Hundred Four:

We’ve Already Set This Thing in Motion

Chapter One Hundred Five:

Frek Had His Reasons

Chapter One Hundred Six:

There Are Some Things the Man Doesn’t Need to Know

Chapter One Hundred Seven:

The Son Most Worth Owning

Chapter One Hundred Eight:

The Other Half of the Problem

Chapter One Hundred Nine:

I Stonewalled You

Chapter One Hundred Ten:

We’re Interested in Energy, Food and Water

Chapter One Hundred Eleven:

We’ll Run the Show

Chapter One Hundred Twelve:

A Pain in the You Know What

Chapter One Hundred Thirteen:

Heart to Heart

Chapter One Hundred Fourteen:

Dealing with Savages

Chapter One Hundred Fifteen:


Chapter One Hundred Sixteen:

So We Begin

Chapter One Hundred Seventeen:

We’re Never Going Home

Chapter One Hundred Eighteen:

I Smell Something Rotten

Chapter One Hundred Nineteen:

Get Down in the Mud and Brawl

Chapter One Hundred Twenty:

What It Would Take to Keep Me Quiet

Chapter One Hundred Twenty-One:

Four Long Planetary Days of Debate

Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Two:

A Threat to Every Habitat in the System

Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Three:

They’re Trying to Play Us for Fools

Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Four:

The Campaign

Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Five:

Messenger of the Watch

Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Six:

The Message

Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Seven:

You Will Be Held Accountable

Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Eight:

Fates’ Law Timing

Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Nine:

Accepted Back into the System Again

Chapter One Hundred Thirty:

We Have the Authority

Chapter One Hundred Thirty-One:

It Could Be a Diversion

Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Two:

What Is, Is

Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Three:


Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Four:

A Collective Breath Taken in and Held

Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Five:

Comfortable and Out of Harm’s Way

Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Six:

They’ve Got a Fighting Chance

Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Seven:

It Just Disappeared

Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Eight:

She May Be Provoked Beyond Caring

Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Nine:

In Your Subjective Experience

Chapter One Hundred Forty:

The Last Ones We’ll See

Chapter One Hundred Forty-One:

He Didn’t Think Too Much About the Incident

Chapter One Hundred Forty-Two:

The Job Interview

Chapter One Hundred Forty-Three:

The Term, Name, Has No Meaning

Chapter One Hundred Forty-Four:

I Expect You Have the Details

Chapter One Hundred Forty-Five:

I Was Fired Millennia Ago

Chapter One Hundred Forty-Six:

Lobbyists, Governors, Superintendents, Bureaucrats, and Sundry Other Power Brokers

Chapter One Hundred Forty-Seven:

It Loomed and Began to Charge Its Weapon

Chapter One Hundred Forty-Eight:

Set Your Traps

Chapter One Hundred Forty-Nine:

I Didn’t Make It My Business

Chapter One Hundred Fifty:

No End to the Possibilities

Chapter One Hundred Fifty-One:

Alarms Flashed and Jangled

Chapter One Hundred Fifty-Two:

If Our Fears Are Ill Founded

Chapter One Hundred Fifty-Three:

What Kind of a Bargain?

Chapter One Hundred Fifty-Four:

Flashes of Insight

Chapter One Hundred Fifty-Five:

He Drew Flies

Chapter One Hundred Fifty-Six:

They Didn’t Get Down to Business until After They’d Eaten

Chapter One Hundred Fifty-Seven:

You Have Been Held Accountable

Chapter One Hundred Fifty-Eight:


Chapter One Hundred Fifty-Nine:

Just Give Me Your Word You’ll Wait a Deciyear

Chapter One Hundred Sixty:

Things Are Pretty Hot for Us

Chapter One Hundred Sixty-One:

Any Shyster in the System Could Get You Reinstated

Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Two:

The Right to Make That Decision

Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Three:

You Can’t Afford to Be Seen

Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Four:

I Hope We Can Be Friends

Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Five:

The Watch Officer Stayed Alert

Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Six:

As For That One Particular Image

Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Seven:

With Trepidation in Her Heart

Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Eight:


Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Nine:

The Honeymoon Begins

Chapter One Hundred Seventy:

A Good Place for a Boy to Grow Up

Chapter One Hundred Seventy-One:

An Educated Guess

Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Two:


Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Three:


Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Four:

Get Together Some Derelicts

Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Five:


Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Six:

Evasive Action

Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Seven:

Your Usual Sound Advice

Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Eight:


Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Nine:

We Must Think of Their Morale

Chapter One Hundred Eighty:

Sleeping the Eternal Sleep of Oblivion

Chapter One Hundred Eighty-One:

A Test

Chapter One Hundred Eighty-Two:

The Only Sentient Aboard with an Obvious Motive

Chapter One Hundred Eighty-Three:

But It Was Too Late

Chapter One Hundred Eighty-Four:

The Right to Initialize the Last Transmission

Chapter One Hundred Eighty-Five:

Make Her Walk the Plank

Chapter One Hundred Eighty-Six:

Reasons for Going

Chapter One Hundred Eighty-Seven:

Promises to Keep

Chapter One Hundred Eighty-Eight:

Give Jenken Some Credit Too

Chapter One Hundred Eighty-Nine:

Immutable Universal Natural Law

Chapter One Hundred Ninety:

To Oblivion and Beyond

Chapter One Hundred Ninety-One:

The Warmth with which She’d Touched Him

Chapter One Hundred Ninety-Two:

The First Move in a Mutiny

Chapter One Hundred Ninety-Three:

Jeft Justice

Chapter One Hundred Ninety-Four:

She’d Known

Chapter One Hundred Ninety-Five:

You Can Remember More Than That

Chapter One Hundred Ninety-Six:

How and Why

Chapter One Hundred Ninety-Seven:

Prime Suspect

Chapter One Hundred Ninety-Eight:

A Part of the Answer

Chapter One Hundred Ninety-Nine:

The Chemicals You Will Need for Their Interrogation

Chapter Two Hundred:

Who Sent You and How Did You Find Us?

Chapter Two Hundred One:


Chapter Two Hundred Two:

And Mostly He Waited

Chapter Two Hundred Three:

Other Matters Are Beyond the Scope of This Inquiry

Chapter Two Hundred Four:

Things I Want to Say

Chapter Two Hundred Five:

With Extraordinary Intelligence, Dedication and Courage

Chapter Two Hundred Six:

Actualities and Possibilities