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The Inquiry Holder

Where There Are Possibilities:

Invaders of unknown origin are sweeping across the galaxy, leaving ruined worlds in their wake. Out on the fringe of the galaxy, refugees have been streaming into its one inhabited planetary system the war has thus far spared. Three deadly treatment resistant diseases are spreading like wildfire from the refugees to the native population. And the worst is yet to come.

On Linguin, the first moon of the fourth planet of the Rajalan System, all three diseases have reached epidemic proportion. The staff at the Linguin Global Research Hospital knows how desperate the situation already is. They don’t expect to survive. Financially and educationally disadvantaged quota scholarship student, Swenna Dajomm, who studies medical research by day and takes frequent shifts in the lab of the working hospital by night so she can afford to live off campus, is on her way off duty when she runs into a lab colleague in the hallway. The colleague tells her about a wild end of the galaxy party staff members have thrown right there at the hospital. It will run until all the party goers are dead. In a moment of reckless despair, Swenna, who has totally devoted herself to work and study since the day she arrived on Linguin, decides to join in the madding revelry. There, on a crowded dance floor, she meets a rich playboy. As the night unfolds she lets him sweet talk her into breaking a vow she made to herself as a girl and promised herself to keep forever; she would never act like her mother. The consequences of her self-betrayal begin slowly but inexorably, and almost immediately, to unfold.

Daggen Jeft has spent a lifetime ruthlessly acquiring wealth and power. He’s used to getting his way. What he finds he wants in his old age is grandchildren to carry on the family name, and to leave a legacy for which he will long be remembered by his fellow Rajalans when he’s gone. Those are the closest things to immortality even his credit can buy. The problem is; neither of his sons appears ready to produce a grandchild for him anytime soon. And there will be no one left to remember him no matter what legacy he leaves if everyone dies of disease or gets slaughtered in the rapidly approaching war.

A crowded public conveyance promenade in Linguin’s Urban Core breaks down. A sick woman coughs up blood onto her fellow stranded passengers, causing a mass exodus from the promenade. In the madness, Jenken Mizlek is separated from his younger sister he’s escorting home from school. In his search for her he finds instead a frightened preschool boy who has become separated from his mother in the chaos. The Public Safety Office isn’t responding to missing sentients calls. All its available personnel are busy quelling the growing rioting and looting. So Jenken embarks upon a determined private quest to find the missing mother and reunite her with her son.

On a space station a light year off the edge of the planetary system some of Daggen Jeft’s most brilliant scientists are testing alien technology when something goes terribly wrong. And in another time and place, aliens hold an inquiry into the fate of a planet which will settle many questions far beyond its sphere: can Swenna redeem herself, will Daggen get what he wants, will Jenken’s quest end happily or in tragedy?

Chapter One: The Marketplace

Chapter Two: Headhunters

Chapter Three: The Hot Spot

Chapter Four: Missing Sentients