This is Where There Are Possibilities, your website for the epic science fiction Possibilities novels. Here you can purchase limited naming rights to the character and other names in the novels. You can find summaries of all eight Possibilities novels plotted to date. You can read the working draft of the first four chapters of book one in the series, the title of which, like the title of this site, is Where There Are Possibilities. You can also visit the reading room and read stories by the author which are not part of the Possibilities series.

Make yourself at home here, visitor.

Take a look around the site. Get acquainted with the characters and the galaxy they live in. See if you can fit together the character blurbs and the sample character scenes and puzzle out the plots of the books in the series from them.

Find a character you’d like to name for yourself or for a friend. Choose just the right name for a villain or adventuress or spymaster, for an alien race or planet or star, for a game or a musical instrument or a dance.

Join me in creating a new paradigm for writing and publishing epic science fiction and fantasy.


Jim Crichton, The Author

Contact me at: submissions@crichtonscifi.com

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